The Smart Material

Kureha’s unique polymerization process yields the highest crystalline, most sensitive material in the market today.

Demo Kit

Create 10 Product Experiments with our new Demo Kit.


Piezo Films

Kureha pioneered the development and commercialization of the first Piezoelectric films. Kureha’s KF Piezo utilizes KF Polymer, a uniquely crystalline PVDF that yields the most sensitive film in the market today.

Application Ideas

There is a very long list of practical applications for Piezo Film. View a small sampling to demonstrate the breadth of sensor solutions made possible by this unique material.

Global Footprint

The Kureha Group leverages synergies generated by group-wide collaboration to develop and provide products and services that protect the global environment, and contribute to the advancement of society and the betterment of peoples’ everyday lives.